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Healing to the Nations

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  • Read the Healing to the Nations magazine

  • Watch Healing Streams Live broadcast 24/7

  • Get access to 14-Day Healing Program

  • Host a Prayer Cloud with up to 10 people

  • Watch inspiring videos & programs

  • Access to inspiring blogs

  • Receive notifications

Starter Plan

2 Espees per month

  • Download magazine (kiddies & Adult)

  • Watch on demand videos

  • Divine Health Confessions podcast

  • Host Prayer cloud with 100 people

  • Earn HTTN points

  • Personalized wallet

  • Watch on demand videos

Standard Plan

5 Espees per month


  • Magazine Audio podcast

  • Access to 5 magazine translations

  • Divine health confession podcast

  • Access to faith's proclamations books

  • Access to on-demand videos on hstv

  • Host prayer clouds with up to 200 people

Classic Plan

10 Espees per month


  • Access to 50 magazine translations

  • Access to Healthy Living Compendium

  • Access to Faith's Proclamations Videos

  • Host Prayer Clouds with up to 500 people

Premium Plan

20 Espees per month


  • Access to ALL magazine translations and formats

  • Access to previous magazine editions

  • Divine Health Confessions bundle

  • Combo pack subscription

  • Download videos of the 14-Day Healing class

  • Download teaching videos from bouquet of programs

  • Host Prayer Clouds with up to 1000 people


Obi and Chioma Anyagwa

Loaded with life transforming messages on Divine Health. Lots and lots of spirit-filled testimonies in video format that will minister faith for you to receive as well, notifications on daily health affirmations for you to either read or listen to, and our all time ❤ favourite; The downloadable Healing School Magazine that shares highlights, testimonies, teachings and lots more from our Man of God Pastor Chris. This is absolutely one of my favourite daily LoveWorld Apps. I LOVE IT!!!


Florence Malm

Bring the healing atmosphere right to your home with you! Just with a Click! Without the traveling! Yes! Pastor Chris is so mindful and considerate knowing the hassle travelling can be Physically! Emotionally! financially! Especially in this uncertain times we are inn! Get the app! Add your Faith! Get your Healing! Is that simple! Sons and Daughters! Grandkids get this app and set it up, hook to tv if you can for grandpa and grandma and they will surely thank you and bless you 💓💓 forEver!!!!!!


Shone Nassanga

Best app of always. Glory to God. Healings all around the world n as I always share the Healing streams magazines I always partake of the blessings n the miracles that flow in my life. Glory to God

Healing to the Nations

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